Sex Slavery: What You Need to Know

Human sex trafficking is a common form of modern-day slavery and is currently a multi-million dollar market. Many people do not realize how serious this issue really is since most believe that this only occurs in places far away from them, say, in third-world countries. Despite this presumption, human trafficking and sex slavery happens today, and on a regular basis–locally, and in major cities across the globe.

The majority of trafficking victims are runaways; youth who generally come from homes where they have likely been abused or abandoned. They start out living on the streets, and are then kidnapped and manipulated into becoming sex slaves. Some of the victims have already been involved in prostitution to support themselves financially or to fund their habits and addictions (i.e., drugs, alcohol). Some forms of sex trafficking are a bit more obvious such as prostitution in places like Las Vegas, while others are hidden well into public facilities such as massage parlors, spas, and strip clubs. Human trafficking victims experience varying levels of physical and psychological abuse– they are often deprived of food and sleep, drugged daily to prevent them from trying to escape, and are physically harmed should they choose not to comply to demands or cooperate.

Many never see the light of day.


Before servicing clients, victims are often raped by the traffickers themselves. These young girls are at high risk of being subjected to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Trafficking has a drastic effect on the mental and physical well being of the women and young girls involved. Victims suffer from extreme emotional stress, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and depression. Many victims will turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain; some may turn to suicide.

The target audience is surprisingly diverse, making such activities quite hard to track down. Though mainly consisted of straight males, customers range from rich and poor; through high, middle, and lower class. Many are even married with children.

In some cases, men who have sex with trafficked girls are in lieu of abusing their own young children.


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